Page 7 The WINGS puppies!

Here are photos of all the puppies at six weeks of age! Remember that there are great videos of all the puppies from a few days old through their seventh week. Please contact us by email or phone if you would like to have any sent to you.

  This is Cardinal (red). His name is now Kodiak (Kodi). His new family lives in North Carolina.

  This is Finch (yellow). Her name will be Hana. She is also with a family in North Carolina!

 Here is Jay (blue). His new name is Toby. His family is in Virginia, and he is with Klea's sister!

  This is Martin (purple). His new name is Tamarak, and he is in Maine.

  This is Oriole (orange). Her name is now Willow, and she is with a family in northern Michigan.
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