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WILLOW and handsome "big brother" Jake at home in Michigan.

SAM at home in Florida - yes, he's smiling!

HANA asleep on her bed in North Carolina, with lots of toys!

VIREO enjoying herself in Illinois, hoping a cookie will appear.

KODIAK in North Carolina, admiring the artwork!

KODI on a board at the beach!!

HANA and KODI relaxing.

WILLOW and JAKE on the beach at Lake Michigan!

SAM at the beach! He loves the water!!

VIREO showing her beautiful face for everyone to admire.

NIKA and VIREO - the very best of friends!

TOBY and AUNT NELL (Klea's litter sister) at home in Virginia.

TAMARAK and SABAKA (Luna's mom) finding an interesting object in Maine!

KODI and HANA with Pete at the beach on a family vacation.

TAMARAK with Great Grandmother KARELIA at home in Maine.

TOBY and AUNT NELL enjoying some couch time.

WILLOW dreaming of soon-to-come sled runs!

For LOTS more photos of all the WINGS puppies, please email or call. We have many updated recent photos as well as videos we can share. All of the puppies are doing just great! Toby and his family have moved to Canada in 2014 and are really enjoying their new home. He and his Aunt Nell welcomed a brand new human "sister" to their family in 2014. She has already learned to call Toby to her side, and he loves her very much. Willow has been running in harness for two years now and is spectacular- we have "ride-along" videos of her team to share. Willow and Jake welcomed a new "sister" to their team - Dagny. Dagny and Willow have become the very best of friends. Sam enjoyed a fun beer and chili festival with his family this fall (2014) and thoroughly enjoys visiting beaches, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Vireo has discovered that she is fantastically in love with snow, and doesn't want it to go away at the end of winter. She and Nika are so bonded. Hana and Kodi are able to spend time together with their families, because they live fairly close to each other.  They go on family vacations together and enjoy seeing new places. Hana welcomed a new "sister" to her family - Heidi. And Kodi is preparing to work on a backpacking title. Tamarak loves being with his grandmother on a beautiful lake in the woods. And Grackle is still here at Southwind with his mother Klea, his Aunt Luna, his daddy Blue, and his half brother Nugget. Grackle is a very quiet and gentle boy. He has become very close to his baby cousin Goldie. The two are always together.
So please call or email us for new photos and videos of any or all of the puppies! The WINGS families are very special people. All of the puppies have wonderful, caring, and loving homes with the very best families. The puppies (they will always be puppies to us) don't know how exceptionally lucky they are, but Robert and I know. And we treasure each and every family with our deepest respect and love.

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