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"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle , easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we would still live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality , never fully understanding the necessary plan."
Irving Townsend

(left)      WWKC CM 'PR' Boreal's Prince Alladin (Ali)
(center)  GR CH ARBA WWKC UCI Nat'l Internat'l CH 'PR' Boreal's Royal
              Ember CGC TT (Ember)
(right)    GR CH ARBA CKC UCI Nat'l Internat'l CH 'PR' Hurricane Tobruk

Ali, Ember, and Tobie enjoyed many years of showing. Ali earned over fifteen Best in Show awards with the WWKC as an altered male. Tobie won two Best in Show awards in UKC. Both Tobie and Ember were titled internationally with the IABCA/UCI venue. Ember was the National Specialty Best of Breed winner for 1997. Tobie was the very first Chinook to win the Best of Breed Top Ten Chinook for 1998.

(left)   UCD GR CH BIMBS/RBIMBS ARBA UCI Nat'l Internat'l CH Ehren 
          Gold WSCH 'PR' WoodsRunner Sheluk Naii TT JHD-s  (Shelley)          
(right) BIMBS/RBIMBS GR CH ARBA UCI Nat'l Internat'l Ehren Bronze CH
           'PR' Rain Mountain Malipaluk  (Molly)

Shelley is the most titled Chinook to date! She earned a dozen Best in Show awards, was the first Chinook to earn a Total Dog award at a single show, and was both the Top Ten Best of Breed winner and the National Specialty Best of Breed winner for 2001. She holds the only JHD in Chinooks, completing the tests on sheep with excellent scores. Shelley finished her CD in three straight trials, all scores in the 190's. Shelley was a friend who came along once in a lifetime.
Molly earned three Best in Show awards. Molly was a big, beautiful girl with whom every day was a new day! Both Shelley and Molly were listed in the Top Ten every year shown.

'PR' Thule's Boreal Star (Thule)

Thule was our very first Chinook, full sister to Ali and Ember, who came to us later. She taught us to love and cherish the breed through her gentleness.

'PR' Southwind Kamanartok (Kami)

Kami was lost to us at six months from an irreparable heart problem. She lived her short life in joy and freedom, then was gone far too soon.

'PR' GR CH WoodsRunner Kaganaq (Katy)

Katy lost her battle with cancer six days after her 11th birthday at the end of September, 2013. She loved her dog shows and was always in the Top Ten every year she showed, but she loved her single puppy, Tiki, more than anything. Tiki was with her mom from the day she was born until the day Katy died. Katy cleaned Tiki's face, eyes, and tail every day without fail. Katy was very kind and was loved by many people and many children in my classes whom she visited as well as the thousands of visitors at our vet school's Open House for many years. She will never be forgotten.

multiBIMBS GR CH 'PR' Southwind Tikaani CGC TT (Tiki)

Tiki lost her life in January, 2015, to metasticized cancer from her battle with breast cancer a year and a half earlier. She came through the earlier surgery very well, playing and being her silly self, and enjoying running around on her farm with all her friends. Tiki was nine when she left us to be with her mom, Katy. Tiki was a beautiful girl, much loved at shows, and always ready with a silly grin, a fast kiss, and a happy bounce for everyone she met.

RBIMBS URO2 GR CH 'PR' Cloudburst Kalhaia CGC TT (Kally)

Kally lost her life so suddenly on December 29th, 2015, at 11- she would have been 12 in March. Serious symptoms brought her to our vet school that Tuesday, and by 6 in the evening, she was gone. Even though she had seemed just fine - eating well and playing- this day she showed us that something was terribly wrong. The attending veterinarians diagnosed metastatic carcinoma, and it was manifested in several life-ending effects. We were with her when her spirit left. She enjoyed showing, but she loved rally obedience the most. Kally was always a quiet kind girl, and her longer coat was always so pretty.

Multi BIMBS/RBIMBS GR CH 'PR' WoodsRunnner Kanku Ota CGC TT (Koty)

Koty lost her life at the end of February, 2016. She was doing great- eating well, playing with Grackle, Bubba, and Goldie every day, excited to chase and grab treats. Then on a Friday she was very uncomfortable. Our vet school determined that she had a cancerous growth blocking her gastrointestinal tract, causing a multiple set of life-ending issues. We had to say goodbye to this sweet and loving girl. Koty was loved by so many people, all the visitors at the vet school Open House, but especially the children in my classes. She was 13 1/2.

Multi BIMBS GR CH 'PR' Southwind Sangilak Nanuq (Bubba)

Bubba lost his life late in July, 2018, from a rapid progressing carcinoma. He and his sister, Sila, showed together for years. Bubba earned his Grand title before he was a year old, and always was a happy and very kind boy at shows and on his farm. He is so missed from our lives.

'PR' Southwind Kanosak Taqqiq (Goldie)

Goldie struggled with terrible symptoms of IBD for about nine months. As some symptoms were under control, others would appear. Through it all, Goldie was happy and tried her best to stay with us. Her last day was spent outside on her farm with her Mom Luna, her Grandmom Klea, and beloved Nugget. Her tail was up and wagging, she was smiling, and trotting around, enjoying the pretty day. She passed early the morning of February 29th, 2020, with us near her. She was only five years old. If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.
                        My Golden Moon shines
                         Her gentle spirit rises
                         To the Rainbow Bridge

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