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Welcome to Southwind Chinooks! Please enjoy meeting our dogs!

The Chinook is a relatively rare breed, with quite a history. Briefly, Arthur Walden began the breed, from a single male dog, in Wonalancet, New Hampshire, in the very early 1900's. In 1927, Walden and about sixteen of his dogs accompanied Commander, later Admiral, Byrd on his two-year expedition to Antarctica. Chinook himself died on his twelfth birthday on the expedition. Walden brought all of his dogs back , except Chinook, to Wonalancet. The dogs eventually came to Perry and Honey Greene in Maine, but when the Greenes died, they had no clear successor for the dogs. The remaining stock was boarded for many years, dwindling down to about eleven dogs. Several dedicated people searched for and found these dogs, and began to carefully breed them, setting the breed on the road to recovery. Now hundreds of Chinooks live with loving and caring families all across the United States and Canada. 

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  • Kally earns her first Rally Obedience title in three straight trials
  • Blue Moon is born in March, completes his Champion title in November, and finishes the year as the #7 Top Ten Chinook for 2010
  • Tiki wins the Best of Breed Top Ten Chinook for 2009 and the 2010 Chinook National Specialty Best of Breed at Premier for 2010, and finishes the year as the #1 Chinook for 2010 ( fourth year in a row!)
  • Klea finishes the year as the #3 Chinook for 2010
  • Luna is born in July and joins Southwind Chinooks in late November, ready to begin her show career in February


  • Luna finishes to her Champion title at 8 months, and finishes to GRAND at just 11 months at Premier, June, 2011, in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Klea wins TOP TEN BEST OF BREED for 2010 at the 2011 Premier!!
  • Blue completes his GRAND CHAMPION title at a year of age, and wins Best of Breed at the Sunday show at Premier, June, 2011 
  • Blue wins his first Best in MultiBreed Show award at the HAAHTA show on Sunday, October 22nd, 2011
  • Luna is awarded a Grand Award of Merit at Gateway Nationals in Gray Summit, MO, on Friday, Oct. 28th, 2011 ( the only day this award was given)
  • Luna wins her first Best in MultiBreed Show on Friday, November 25th, 2011, at Lakeland, Florida, then wins her second BIMBS on Saturday, November 26th!! Back to back Best in Show wins!!
  • Kally earns her second level Rally Obedience title - RO2 - at the Ocala rally trials weekend in November
  • Klea finishes the year as the #2 Chinook for 2011, Luna is #3, and Blue is #4 for the year!



  • Luna wins Reserve Best in Show on Sunday, February 12th, at Perry, Georgia
  • At UKC's Gateway Nationals at the end of October, held in Gray Summit, MO, at the fabulous Purina facility, Blue wins three of the six Bests of Breed, a Grand Award of Merit on Saturday (the only day this award is given), and a Group 4 on Sunday!
  • Luna finishes as the UKC TOP TEN #1 Chinook for 2012, Klea finishes as #2,  and Blue is #3!


 Blue at Gateway, October, 2012


  • Luna wins all four BOB's and a Group 1 at the Mulberry, FL show in March
  • Klea is given the Award of Excellence for the Top Ten competiton at UKC's Premier June 13th
  • Luna wins all three BOB's at Premier, June 14th, 15th, and 16th, and Klea is given the Grand Award of Merit on Saturday, June 15th, the only day it can be presented
  • Luna wins all four Bests of Breed and three Group 1's at the August Lakeland, Florida shows!
  • Luna wins four of the six BOB's at UKC's October Gateway shows, with a Group 1 for the first show on Friday! Klea wins the other two BOB's! Luna or Klea placed in every group for the entire weekend.
  • At the Lakeland, Florida six-show Thanksgiving weekend, Luna wins two BOB's, Klea wins two BOB's, and Blue wins two BOB's - with several Group 1's between them!
  • Luna finishes as the UKC TOP TEN #1 Chinook for 2013, Klea is #8 and Blue is #9.  

Luna, Klea, and Blue at Lakeland, Florida in November, 2013

  • Luna wins all four Best of Breed awards at the HAAHTA shows in February, with a Reserve Best in Show on Saturday, and  another  RBIMBS on Sunday!!
  • Luna wins Best in MultiBreed Show May 15th in Dade City, Florida!!
  • Luna is bred to Blue, and has a singleton puppy in May - 'PR' Southwind Kanosak Taqqiq - Golden Moon

  Goldie at six weeks!!

  • With very limited showing this year, Klea finishes as the UKC TOP TEN #2 Chinook for 2014, and Luna places as #3


  • Blue is bred to Luna's litter sister, Lola, in St. Louis, with five beautiful puppies born in June, 2015 - the Jungle Book puppies!
  • Luna finishes as the UKC TOP TEN #1 Chinook for 2015, and Klea finishes as #5, despite attending only two show weekends- Gateway in October and Lakeland at Thanksgiving


  •  Both Luna and Klea attend our UKC Premier in June- their first show of the year. Luna won Best of Breed Top Ten for 2015, and Klea won the COA's special award for the sweetest dog: the Chesterh Sweetie Award at our COA National Specialty
  • Blue is bred again to Lola with two very busy and big puppies born in the fall!

Luna with BOB Top Ten (left) and Klea with the Chesterh Sweetie Award (right)




  • Luna attends the COA National Specialty in Sandwich, NH, June 2017, and WINS NATIONAL BEST OF BREED!! This is the 100th birthday of Chinook himself, and our show site was very close to the birthplace of Chinook- Wonalancet, New Hampshire.

Luna winning the National Specialty with Judge Linda Reece

  • Luna and Klea attend the UKC Premier weekend in Kalamazoo, MI. Luna wins TOP TEN BEST OF BREED FOR 2016!

 Luna- Top Ten Best of Breed - again!!


  • With very limited showing this year, LUNA finishes as the #1 TOP TEN CHINOOK for 2017,  with GOLDIE  finishing as #5!
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